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Journal of Marketing and Business Management

African Journal of Marketing Management publishes original, published & unpublished manuscripts related to contemporary issues in business management and marketing. Any topic related to Business management or marketing is appropriate for publication consideration in the journal

Scope of the journal covers: general management, business law, public responsibility and ethics, marketing theory and applications, marketing, business finance and investment, general business research, business and economics education, production/operations management, organizational behavior and theory, strategic management policy, management organization, statistics and econometrics, personnel and industrial relations, technology and innovation.

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Journal of Internet and Information Systems

The Journal of Internet and Information Systems (JIIS) is an open access journal that provides rapid publication  of articles in all areas of the subject.

It focuses on the latest ideas and research in computer systems and networks. This section is for researchers involved in the latest developments in topics such as architectures, mobile and wireless computing, network protocols, security, reliability and performance optimisation. In addition to research papers, this section will also publish commissioned reviews and special issues in Computer Science Theory, Methods and Tools like algorithms, software engineering, data structures, and complexity.

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Journal of Media and Mass Communication

JMMS  is an interdisciplinary journal that provides a forum for debate on the historical and contemporary aspects of media and communication in Africa.

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